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Almost everyone experiences stress from time to time and, while a small amount of stress can motivate us, too much or prolonged stress can be damaging to both our physical and mental health. For some people, stress causes them to adopt unhealthy coping methods such as smoking or drinking - and while this may feel like a quick fix, ultimately these are only covering the issue.

Recognising the negative effect stress is having on your life, and understanding that this is not OK is an important first step. Once you have admitted to yourself that you need support, you can look into the various treatments available. Your first port of call may be your GP, who will be able to assess your stress levels and suggest appropriate treatments. 

One recommendation commonly offered by doctors is counselling and psychotherapy. Talking with me as your therapist about the difficulties you're experiencing can help you understand any underlying issues that may be causing your stress - for example, low self-esteem. Working with me, you will then be able to identify your personal stress triggers and discuss ways of coping with them.

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